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I'm New!
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Cloud Sync Log Files

Unread post by rtidrtid » Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:54 pm

Hi all

i'm suddenly having problems with Cloud Station whereby once i restart by Synology, cloud sync doesn't seem to automatically start

when i then open up the package i need to reconfig my cloud settings (dropbox). When i add in that config , it says "you have already connected this to a public cloud account. Create a subtask account, please goto the task list tab and click create"

the only way around this for me is to uninstall cloud sync and reinstall.

this is happening on a regular basis, so i wanted to see what is causing it. however i can't seem to find any Cloud sync log files.

Does anyone know where these log files are - or has anyone had this same problem?

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Re: Cloud Sync Log Files

Unread post by Joris » Sat Jul 21, 2018 6:12 pm

No, I haven't experienced this problem and yes, I know this is an old thread :)

To access the log files, please see this thread:

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