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CMS Feature Requests

Unread post by iknowtech » Fri Jul 25, 2014 6:04 am

Just setup the CMS for the first time. I can see this being very useful. Looking forward to getting the other dozen or so Synology NAS's I manage for my clients connected to my DS1812+ at home.

A couple of things immediately came to mind after setting this up, I guess these can be considered feature requests.

1. The ability to give a device a custom name in the CMS. Pretty much all mine are on separate networks for completely different businesses. I've sort of set things up to a basic standard that I typically use just for my own ease of management. And that includes them all having the same hostname of just NAS. This is obviously going to present a problem in the CMS as its currently implemented.. It would be great if you could assign a user friendly name or a have a field for Client Name or anything else that you could easily filter on.

2. Expandable/Collapsable lists for things like HDD lists and Shared Folder lists.

3. User and Permissions management from within the CMS. Being able to reset passwords, close accounts, and setup permissions etc.

4. Goes with #3, being able to setup Shares and adjust permissions on those shares.

I think this package is a great start, but right now its mostly only read only useful solution, that seems like it would be hard to actually take advantage of, especially in my specific scenario.


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