DS414 - Lost Configuration issue

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I'm New!
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Re: DS414 - Lost Configuration issue

Postby JPFL » Tue Sep 05, 2017 1:45 am

Serial 142... JPFL Support Ticket ID #1143211
bought in August 2017, beeped randomly (always one time) since fresh install with latest software. and worked fine except for the beeping.
now after 2 weeks configuration was lost. needed a re-install. admin password was still working.
data was not lost.
next morning configuration was again lost, just this time the admin password didn't work anymore. web interface and synology admin has me logged out.
I have not tried pressing reset for 4s yet.
I have sent a RMA request form to Synology USA. Did this work out for you guys? what is the experience in getting an answer and sending unit back and getting a replacement (or fixed unit back)?


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