Amazon Glacier - Anyone Using It?

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Re: Amazon Glacier - Anyone Using It?

Unread post by syno.dustin » Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:08 pm

the_dude wrote:
CCWTech wrote:I wish Synology would get off their NAS (lol) and put crashplan as a native app.
In a perfect world..
Crashplan would be in charge of developing that. It's their software. Anything compiled by Synology is open source.
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Re: Amazon Glacier - Anyone Using It?

Unread post by edanto » Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:13 am

Small update; I've been using the Glacier backup app for a few months now and it's coming in at about $25/mo for ~3TB. The upload speed was very fast, using all the available bandwidth (compared with Crashplan which was throttled). Test restore was easy and effective (using the Glacier app).

I have not found any way to set up versioning with Glacier, but that may be moot now that BTFRS is out. Ironically, Glacier is the only thing stopping me from completing the move to BTFRS, but that topic is in another thread. ( ... 8&t=117957)

On the whole, the Glacier experience has been fantastic compared with the pain of Crashplan regularly breaking. Yes it's more costly, but I think it's worth it compared to the time that I was spending playing catch up with the Crashplan efforts to break Crashplan for NAS users.
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