4 questions from first-time user

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4 questions from first-time user

Unread post by Tanax » Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:23 pm


After months of trying Crashplan and having it stop working after every DSM update or Crashplan update, I decided to try out Glacier instead. It might be more expensive but at least it's built-in and that makes it worth it to me.
As I understand it, Glacier is more expensive when actually restoring files but since I'd only restore in case of losing the Synology (theft, breakdown/malfunction or accident like fire or flooding), I figured that would be OK.

So I have a few questions.
  1. If I choose /photo to be backed up on a weekly basis and I, during that week, add say 100 photos via auto-upload from my phone to NAS. When the weekly backup is then run, it will only upload the files that are not already present in Glacier, meaning 100 upload requests, correct? This in turn would mean a calculated price of $0.055 / 10 (since that price is per 1.000 requests, I only made 100) = $0.55?

    Also; If nothing has been added or removed, when the weekly backup is run, nothing will be uploaded and thus, no cost?
  2. If I choose /photo to be backed up, what happens if I create new albums and move photos around that folder? Would that generate delete requests and cause Glacier to upload the same files again since they have been moved?
  3. I understand that retrieving files is the main cost with Glacier. I found this algorithm to calculate the cost of retrieving data:
    Data Restore Fee = (Retrieval Data - Free Allowance) / Retrieval Time * $0.01 * (24 hrs * Nr Of Days In Month)

    So let's say I store 1 TB, my entire NAS content, in Glacier and something happens to the NAS. I'll get a new NAS and use the access keys to retrieve my previous backup.
    Let's say I allow it to take 1 month to download (I'm no rush as long as I know my photos and documents are safely stored). That would then be:

    Retrieval Data: 1000 GB
    Free Allowance: 1000 GB * 0.05 = 50 GB
    Retrieval Time: 30 days * 24 hrs = 720 hrs

    Data Restore Fee = ((1000 - 50) / 720) * 0.01 * 720 = $9.5
    I assume that on top of that, is also the Data Transfer Out costs of $0.090 per GB. Since it was 1000 GB, that cost would equate to $90. So a total of $99.5 to retrieve that whole TB of data.

    Is this correctly calculated or did I misunderstand anything?
  4. Storing that 1 TB of data would cost me (on top of all the weekly uploading costs and the initial uploading cost): $0.007 per GB * 1000 GB = $7 per month, correct?
Thank you in advance!

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