Sync multiple local folders with DS cloud

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Sync multiple local folders with DS cloud

Postby jonathan22002 » Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:04 pm

TL;DR How to sync multiple local folders to the same remote folder using DS cloud?

I have multiple personal folders on my Android phone that I would like to sync to my home folder using DS cloud:


The DS cloud app allows only one directory to be synced to my home folder on the DiskStation.
When trying to add the second folder to sync, the tick next to the home folder is already greyed out.

There is also no option to select a remote subfolder.
I can click on my home folder, but DS cloud doesn't show anything inside of it.
Is this a intentional?

How do I sync them all :?:
Syncing the parent folder isn't an option here because Android stores A LOT of junk.

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