shutdown command for HA-Cluster

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shutdown command for HA-Cluster

Unread post by dognose » Tue Jun 19, 2018 3:31 pm

Currently I'm using a script to perform controlled shutdowns, in case of a grid-failure.
( ... 3&t=133351)

The script works as expected, but when combined with an "HA-Cluster" there is one drawback:

- The script should wait upto 60 minutes, then power off the NAS.


- When using "shutdown", the primary node of the HA-cluster shuts down, resulting in a failover to the passive node.
- The passive nodes now tarts again with waiting 60 minutes...


Is there a dedicated shutdown command for the whole cluster, as it is available through the UI in the High Availability Manager? ("Shut down HA Cluster")

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