Automate watermark to be added to Jpeg/JPG files only?

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Automate watermark to be added to Jpeg/JPG files only?

Unread post by xtacy78 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:44 am

Hello Syno Family,

I am looking for a solution, I searched half the internet, literally could'nt find the solution.

This is my work flow and I want a solution to create a folder with Jpegs separated from .Cr2's automated, cuz we transfer 1000's of photos from cards to DS2015xs

Step 1 - Shoot in Jpeg+RAW
Step 2 - SD card inserted to Mac Book Pro
Step 3- Copy all contents to a folder on server

After Step 3, we want the Jpegs to be separated to a different folder.
Step 4- Jpegs separated from .Cr2 to a new folder.
Step 5- Can we automate to watermark these Jpegs as well?

In precise, I am looking for a solution to watermark the Jpegs automatically. Please let me know if theres anyone interested to take this up for a paid job? It will be very kind of you to shed your knowledge on this.

Thank you,
DS2015XS + Expansion


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