DS Video on SamsungTV won't play most of .avi files

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DS Video on SamsungTV won't play most of .avi files

Unread post by Pinkycz » Thu May 17, 2018 5:44 pm


I noticed this issue several weeks ago, not really certain when this has appeared abut it seem to related to some updates from February or early March.
Have SamsungTV with DSVideo installed and DS413 next to the TV, both on the same router. Suddenly noticed that some of my movies that used to play fine DSVideo reports erro "Failed to connect to Diskstation. Please check the network connection or the IP address of your DiskStation"... took me a while to figure out the pattern.

DSVideo will not play almost any of the .avi files from the box.. it plays fine everything else, mpeg, mp4, mkv... All these videos did play fine in the past, nothing special about them mpeg4 mostly used as video coded, mp3 audio codec.
Now the most strange thing is, that when I use media player in TV and browse to the Synology DLNA, it plays all videos in my collection, including those .avi files that suddenly DSVideo struggles so much with.

So I think it is not the MediaStation thing and not the file, neither network as all plays fine using DLNA.
There were no changes done on the DiskStation or network that could be behind, it was running fine for months and only just started to misbehave on these specific files...
I'm not certain it is specific to DSVideo app fro SamsungTV , it appears to be general DSVideo thing - these files are now unplayable on other mobile devices (all Android OS).

Has anyone experienced anyhthing similar, known fix for this?

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Re: DS Video on SamsungTV won't play most of .avi files

Unread post by lpdot » Sun May 27, 2018 8:48 pm

After I've upgraded to DSM 6.1.7-15284 mkv files aren't played on a Samsung TV. DS video says "format not supported".


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