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Unread post by jaywoodz » Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:26 pm

For the past 2 years, I've desperately tried to find a solution to my audio woes. My requirements? Pretty basic. I'm a DJ. I constantly download music every single day. I also make music, every week. I download from my MacBook Pro, use the cloud sync to upload it to my Synology Disk Station. From there, it backs up to my Google Drive. I do this for redundancy as well as using a 3rd party iOS app to stream from Google Drive on my iPhone. I can't seem to find ANY iPhone app that will allow me to do ALL of the following:

1) Link my Google Drive (most can do this, no issue here)
2) Add all my music files, and stream (most can do this, no issue here)
3) Download files for "offline play" (most can do this, no issue here)
4) Since I download many files at once, I want to simply refresh or "sort" my music by either date created, or date modified, which if newly downloaded, it should show first, or at the top. No app does this. I can never sort.

Audio Station has the same issue. Sure, it has a playlist labeled "Recently Added", but it's not correct. It must mean recently added using the app, or some other metadata it's analyzing.

I've found ONE single 3rd party iOS app that will do what I want.. but the UI IS AWFUL, ITS SLOW, and it takes FOREVER to download files. It's so buggy, and ironically, the developers update it often. I've even suggested a few things to them, and they seem to be somewhat responsive in a feature I requested. The app is called "CloudBeats", it's free, plus there's a purchased version. I've tried both. Either way, it's just not usable for what I'm doing, and I'm desperately trying to use Audio Station exclusively to accomplish what I need.

I will do anything at this point to get what I need.. there has to be a way. I've even used Plex! and no go there either! Only sorts by Date Added, which in Plex's eyes, means the date in which it was added or scanned in Plex. No go!


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