Wrong album art is displayed in DS Audio on my iPhone

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Alex Nies
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I'm New!
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Wrong album art is displayed in DS Audio on my iPhone

Unread post by Alex Nies » Sun Mar 05, 2017 6:06 pm

On my Synology NAS I have created in the Music folder a folder for several MP3 remixes. In this folder all MP3's have a tag with the same album name. I also added a folder.jpg file with the album art I like to see. Now when I open the DS audio app on my phone I see nicely under the folders the right album art but if I select Albums I see a total different album art which I don't know. Somebody an idea where this picture is coming from and how I can get the right picture also when selecting album?

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Re: Wrong album art is displayed in DS Audio on my iPhone

Unread post by ddps » Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:21 pm

This may relate to the idea of "Various Artists." If you have other collections of music where the artist varies from track to track, then the system may assign it the artist "Various Artists" and it will group the Album along with albums that also are "Various Artists."

This may be greatly oversimplified, but the basics are all around the idea of multiple albums that have tracks from multiple artists.

Some of this can be handled by ensuring that your album has a meaningful "Album Artist" tag in each track that allows each album to be distinguished from one another.

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