Upload Video from Mac - Metadata issues

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Upload Video from Mac - Metadata issues

Unread post by compuser » Mon Sep 24, 2018 8:34 pm

I have a number of home videos on my mac, most of which are stored in iMovie and some in iPhoto. These movies would have been recorded on mobile phone or camcorder and all with relevant EXIF information.

If exporting the videos and photos from iPhoto to File Station I have received a number of errors stating the video could not be exported, though the photos exported fine. Oddly enough these 'failed' video exports are visible in File Station but only visible in DS Photo if searching for the specific video title. Exporting one or two videos on their own seemed to work though.

My main issue is that the couple of video files I exported individually from iPhoto are available via DS Photo but without the EXIF data of the photos and so it does not display in the right place when sorting by "Date taken".

I face a similar issue with iMovie events, as copying events has to be done via Finder I believe, where again once uploaded there is no metadata to indicate the correct date and time footage was recorded, which is especially important since this information was adjusted on some of the videos (within iMovie) where the time stamp was incorrect.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong but any advice would be appreciated as, whether uploading for viewing via DS Photo or DS Video I would like the hundreds of videos to be in the correct order with correct date/time stamps without having to manually update the data for each one within the relevant application.

I am have a DS218+ and have the latest version of the relevant apps installed.


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