Web server forwards to port 5000

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Web server forwards to port 5000

Postby tau_ceti » Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:00 pm

Hi there,

For years I've had no trouble with my running a Web site off my Synology. Unfortunately I updated the DSM and Webstation in the latest of the (all too) many updates that come out and now the problems have begun.

Let's pretend my Web site is nonsenseandblather.org … 

If I go to nonsenseandblather.org, I get redirected to nonsenseandblather.org:5000
If I go to nonsenseandblather.org:80, I get redirected to nonsenseandblather.org:5000
If I go to nonsenseandblather.org:32400, I *correctly* go to nonsenseandblather.org:32400 and can watch my Plex videos.

(note … specifying the IP address from my LAN results in the same thing)

Webstation is currently set to Nginx (it was Apache).
Personal Website is disabled.
Virtual Host status is normal.
The Virtual Host is enabled. Port 80/443 is on, subfolder is web, which is where the index file lives.

Also shared file links no longer work, giving me "Sorry, the page you are looking for is not found." Even though these are of the form http://nonsenseandblather.org:5000/sharing/qCPpy9tAn ?
This has been a disastrous upgrade.

Any ideas?

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