Accessing a file via CloudStation?

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Accessing a file via CloudStation?

Unread post by DataCrypt » Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:43 pm

I have a current need to be able to access images remotely via HTTPS connection. My question is if I setup CloudStation on my Synology NAS (and it's using HTTPS via a certificate from LetsEncrypt) along with a DDNS (to access the NAS externally), would I be able to store some JPG or PNG images in this "CloudStation" and then access them via a shared link (like I don't want the user accessing the link to be prompted to download the image, etc. Just opens up in the browser. Similarly this link could be in an HTML page like <img src="">. I have no need to "sync" files to/from CloudStation - I'd just want to put them out there manually for a while when required.

Any help on how I can host these images on NAS (if CloudStation or another service would be better) and access them via HTTPS would be greatly appreciated.

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