Z-Push not working after upgrading ssl certificate

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Z-Push not working after upgrading ssl certificate

Unread post by 491810 » Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:03 pm


I'd a up-n-running ds713+ with Zarafa 0.5.5 and Z-Push on DSM 5.2-5967-4.
Now I finally got and installed a trusted SHA256 SSL certificate from SSL-Trust.com.

I installed it on the Synology itself and also copied the files and updated may Zarafa.
Zarafa came up without any issues and works just fine. Webapp and owncloud works.

Can access it internally as well as over the internet. SSL certificate is now a trusted.
For some reason none (!) of my three email accounts are accessible any more. Crazy.

When I deleted and set up the account from scretch on my Android smartphone I got
the pop-up asking me to accept the new SSL certificate. Checked it. Was the new one.

For some reason I get another pop-up after accepting the new SSL saying the following:

"Account could not be setup. A server failure has accured. Please validate username
and password and try again" (may be different in English. Translated it from German)

Does anyone has an idea why that now happens to me? Z-Push, Zarafa, mail server as
well as the whole synology was already restartet - several times. No clue where to look.

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