SSL/TLS with Letsencrypt in mosquitto

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SSL/TLS with Letsencrypt in mosquitto

Unread post by podex » Sun Sep 23, 2018 4:52 pm


I recently got my first Synology (DS218j) and I really ask myself now, why I did wait for so long for this fantastic item! As I use Linux since decades (true, I installed my first version in 1997) I had no big problems with the package system, the console and the configuration "deep in the guts".

But there is one open item on my to-do-list where I did not find how-tos in the net. I like MQTT and would like to use my Synology as a broker. The package mosquitto was installed quite fast, also the *.conf file modified. But I would like to use SSL/TLS encryption and enabled already letsencrypt for the html interface.

How to enable SSL/TLS with letsencrypt in mosquitto? Where are the certfile, cafile and the keyfile placed? I need them in mosquitto.conf



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