vtiger don't work since MariaDB10 migration

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vtiger don't work since MariaDB10 migration

Postby vlepetit » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:44 pm


my config:

DS716 + II

Since the recent migration on my syno from MariaDB5 to MariaDB10 my vtiger install does not work anymore. I have the login page but when I identify myself I arrive on a blank page.

when i display php errors I get this message:

Warning: mysqli_real_connect (): (HY000 / 2002): Invalid argument in /volume1/web/vtigercrm/libraries/adodb/drivers/adodb-mysqli.inc.php on line 123

which seems to be indicative of a problem connecting to the database.

I did a whole lot of research and modification that did not solve the problem:

- the MariaDB10 service now listening on port 3307, the unix socket is located in /run/mysqld/mysqld10.sock

- the vtigercrm database was successfully migrated to the new server MariaDB10

- the user vtigercrm_user can connect to the migrated database

- I modified php in websation to request it on 3307 or on the socket unix in mysql and mysqli

a phpinfo () confirms well that php has taken the right setting

- I'm going to edit the file /volume1/web/vtigercrm/config.inc.php like this:

$ dbconfig ['db_server'] = 'localhost';
$ dbconfig ['db_port'] = ': 3307';
$ dbconfig ['db_username'] = 'vtigercrm_user';
$ dbconfig ['db_password'] = 'xxxxxxx';
$ dbconfig ['db_name'] = 'vtigercrm';
$ dbconfig ['db_type'] = 'mysqli';
$ dbconfig ['db_status'] = 'true';

I tried to modify localhost by, or whith syno hostname. nothing changes.

I also tried to change the db_type to mysql or msqli. no changes ...

I found several topics that seemed to deal with this problem on different forum but nothing that solved my worries:

https://discussions.vtiger.com/index.ph ... iadb-10/p1

Well I confess I dry a can.

If someone has an idea I am taker.


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