Project folder Permissions on GitLab

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Project folder Permissions on GitLab

Unread post by gkent » Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:49 pm


I have GitLab setup running and created a project. The main problem is, if I push code into the repository it is not possible because of permissions issues. It is set to user id "1000" by default after the installation. The only way that I know how is to set the permissions manually on the repository folder and then I am able to push code into the repository.

Does anybody know a much easier way without having to fiddle with folder permission issues each time a project is created? I would like multiple people to use GitLab without having to sort out permission issues to each projects created.

The instructions at:, is not quite applicable to Synology environment as I would have to remove the existing container.

Much appreciated for any suggestions!

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