Synology 1511+ dropping DNLA/UPNP network broadcast

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Synology 1511+ dropping DNLA/UPNP network broadcast

Postby gbreeman » Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:57 pm

Hello. I've got a recurring challenge with my Synology 1511+. I love the unit, have had it for 3 months now, but when we watch a movie on our Samsung TV over the network, the Synology chokes as it initiates intermittent Time Machine backups with any of my 3 Macs in the network. Then, it drops the network connection with the TV, really frustrating. It feels like the Synology doesn't have the compute power to process the backup version comparison and calculate the new backups.

At first I thought it might be my network, but I've got a Wifi N network (RSSI -45, transmit rate 130) and I've measured 10-13 MB/s sustained throughput all throughout the house.

Is there any solution / future fix to this problem? This may well be user error - I'm open to any / all assistance the forum can extend. Thanks! Gabe

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