Log Center and UPS initiated shutdown. What does 'good' look like?

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Log Center and UPS initiated shutdown. What does 'good' look like?

Unread post by lwoody7110 » Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:47 pm

Hi all

Seeking advice.

What I'm fishing for is 'what do the logs look like when a UPS initiated shutdown is working as expected'.

Just started testing a domestic setup with a remote Synology at my parents house were there is an APC Smart UPS connected via USB to a DS218+. I ask here as talking with family members over the phone whilst testing means a degree of unreliable reporting on their observations. Combined with time lag until I can access the synology logs following Synology rebooting again to ask them questions about 'what happened 10 minutes ago' has left me a bit unsure.

Synology logs appear to capture the DiskStation entering Safe Mode but nothing about a successful shutdown unless I'm missing something.

Control Panel/Hardware & Power/General
Restart automatically after a power failure. TICKED ON.

Control Panel/Hardware & Power/General/UPS
Enable UPS support is ticked.
Synology setup is 'Time before DiskStation enters Safe Mode'. 3 minutes.
Shutdown UPS when the system enters Safe Mode is ticked.
Device information does show the UPS is preset.

Does the Synology log anything about a successfully completed shutdown initiated by UPS?

I'm a bit worried that the UPS shutdown before the Synology completed as there is a network card in the UPS that might have legacy config present and I don't have remote access to the UPS network card.

I appreciate that the Synology will have shutdown Log Centre and might not be able to log something. However, as Windows servers log a correct shutdown, I'm assuming Synology can too.


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