Task Scheduler - Script not running

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I'm New!
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Task Scheduler - Script not running

Unread post by Fluwk » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:34 am


I was working on a script to move all subfolders and files from a specific folder to a 'archive' folder.
When executing the commands via SSH, all is fine but when I upload the script to my NAS, give it chmod 775 and execute it on the task scheduler nothing happens.
I've added a line for debugging in the task scheduler, the error code is pasted below.

This is what the script looks like:

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cd "/volume1/<folder>/"
mkdir "$(date +"%d-%m-%Y")"
cd /volume1/<folder>/
mv * "/volume1/<archive folder>/$(date +"%d-%m-%Y")"
This is what the 'User defined script' looks like in the task mananger:

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/bin/bash /volume1/<folder>/MoveFilesFromGuestToArchive.bash >>/tmp/task_debug.out 2>&1 
The Error code in the debug looks like this

Code: Select all

/volume1/<script folder>/MoveFilesFromGuestToArchive.bash: line 1: <feff>#!/bin/sh^M: No such file or directory
/volume1/<script folder>/MoveFilesFromGuestToArchive.bash: line 2: cd: /volume1/<archive folder>/^M: No such file or directory
mkdir: cannot create directory '13-06-2018\r': File exists
/volume1/<script folder>/MoveFilesFromGuestToArchive.bash: line 4: cd: /volume1/<folder>/^M: No such file or directory
mv: target '/volume1/<archive folder>/13-06-2018' is not a directory
I did notice the '<feff>' and '^M' code but already tried setting this to UNIX format with Vim.

If anyone can help me out with the problem, i'd be gratefull! :D


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Re: Task Scheduler - Script not running

Unread post by Rusty1281 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:15 pm

Guessing you are running that script as root account or?
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Re: Task Scheduler - Script not running

Unread post by pwhooftman » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:29 pm

open the script in an editor like vi and remove all those ^M like codes.
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Re: Task Scheduler - Script not running

Unread post by sciurius » Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:50 pm

The <feff> and ^M stuff indicates that the script was saved in UTF16 for DOS, with BOM. Try to save it in plain ASCII instead.
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