Long time review of the DS412+

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Long time review of the DS412+

Unread post by Eideen » Sun Jan 19, 2014 8:44 pm

Now for 1.5 year I have been the proud owner of a DS412+.

I am a Norwegian, 24 years old Electrical engineer student and an electrician. 2 summer's ago I decided that it was time to store away all my photos, video and documents, that I have on to something else then my PC, that frankly makes too much noise, and I wanted to be able to access all my file remotely.
Therefore, I spent about a month on reading many reviews of different NAS, before settling on getting the DS412+. Along with the DS412+, I got four Seagate Barracuda's 3TB disks to it fill up, and a Cyberpower BS650E UPS to keep the Disks and DS412+ safer.

Design and Hardware
On to the DS412+, the overall design of the DiskStation is very beautiful and uncluttered, the hard drive mounts are good, and I have not experienced any issues with them. There is a USB 2.0 in front, but I have not seen any point in using it, since it is a USB and not a USB 3.0. The power supply is large, and becomes middle hot (probably 40C ish, room is 5C), so it could use some extra heat sinks.
At the back, there is 2x network, 2x USB 3.0, 1x Sata connection, and power connection. The version I have of the does not have screw holds for the Synology Sata cable, and you cannot combine both external space and internal space in one volume.
The USB 3.0 ports provide good enough speed for my normal external hard drives, but at times, I would have liked it to be more USB ports.
As for cooling of the DS412+ it seem to be good, I can't hear the fans, but my hard drives makes more noise than the fans, the only thing that I miss is logging of fan-speed and temperatures in the DS412+.
The Intel Atom processor in it good for normal file transfers, but very easily get short on power when doing transcoding or other processor intense work. About the ram, I have never experience any need to get anything more than 1GB installed in the unit.
The only think that I fell the DS412+ is missing; 2x mSata for Small scale SSD cache, for making it more effective, when dealing with software like symform, that place a lot of calls to root volume. A much more powerful CPU to do some hard work, like Intel® Core™ i7-47(or 9)01EQ.

Software, DSM
I do like the overall design of the DSM. It is very easy to re install the DSM without, damaging the content on the volumes, I probly reinstalled the DSM 20 times in the first 2 week I had the DS412+. There is a lot of functions in the DSM, but I almost always end out with the feeling that things are only done to cover the bare minimum of functionality, like you can get the DSM to send emails as notication, but you can't set the senders email.
Unfortunately, the list of small missing functions or bugs goes on and on.
One of the best functions that have been add for me is Resource Monitor, Task Scheduler for SMART scan, Ctrl + c,v, and x shortcuts and always allows list for auto block.
There is a lot base apps that only used one thread instead of all four, like the Synology report tool, also there is apps that constantly need access to the root volume, not utilizing the speed of a raid setup.
Since my DS412+ is remotely placed, all functions that keeps an eye on the status of my NAS I love.
Something that I miss the most of functionality is:
* Logging of system temperature, fan-speed, hard drive temperature, UPS data and all start and stop of system operations.
* Ability to update DSM and Apps remotely from files stored on the NAS.
* Statistic of network and hard drive use.
* S.M.A.R.T test reports.

DSM, beta program
Since I have taken part in most of the latest beta test, there are thinks that can be fix there.
Most important for me is that the developers takes the time to ask for feedback on projects they are working. There is this great Synology Community of both novice and more experience users that would love to be able to give direct feedback on a design or what functions that should be include in a app or function, too bad it is never used to that extent.

The DS412+ is a product that I will recommend to friends, since it is so easy to setup, and it provided a very user-friendly layout of who to use things.
However, many small things damage a good first impression, when you use it over time.
It looks good, and is very quiet.

For my next NAS I need it to be a lot more powerful and support for SSD caching without losing HDD space.

So if I need to put a dice number on it, I would give it 6 for external design, 5 for hardware choices and 3+ for DSM. Total score of 4, mostly getting drawn down of the number of bugs and missing options.

Pros: (what to not change)
+ looks
+ Lite noise
+ USB 3.0 at back
+ Dual network
+ Small
+ DSM layout
+ User friendly
+ Great support if you have a great issue or problem with DiskStaion.

Cons: (what to make better)
- Add support for micro SSD, in addition to the main HDD.
- Use a more powerful CPU
- USB 2.0 at front.
- Few USB connections.
- Lots of small bugs and missing options.
DS412+ with DX510/ DSM 6.1b / 2xWD 4TB red+2(+1)xWD6TB (RAID5), 240GB SSD
DS215j / DSM 6.0 / 2xSG3TB (RAID 1) / remote backup
cyberpower BS650E, 1x2TB external drive for backup.

Jimmy Woodser
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I'm New!
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Re: Long time review of the DS412+

Unread post by Jimmy Woodser » Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:05 am

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

How would you rate the 412+ against the new 415play?

Regards Jim

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