DS2411 or DS3612 ??

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DS2411 or DS3612 ??

Postby Xraptorx » Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:12 pm

I have a qnap 409 and find it very slow. I use it as network drive for:
- Sabnzbd files to be saved to,
- drive for photo editing raw files,
- media streaming drive
- Time Machine Share and back up drive for systems
- General network drive where all working files are stored rather than using "My Document" and
- Dlna server

I am looking at the ds2411+ and the ds3612. For a home user, would the speed difference between the 2 be noticeable?

Secondly, does the ds2411+ have the power to run Sabnzbd with sick-beard for downloading without stressing the system?

Thirdly, what hard drives are being used to provide the quoted performance speeds on the product information pages

Fourthly, Would I best be set with 1gb ram or would 3 gb be better?

Finally, the rack stations seem to use more power in stand by: RS2211+. Why is that??

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