Loss of configuration

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Loss of configuration

Unread post by jekyll » Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:47 pm


I know it's a support issue, but i thought i'd ask the forum and see if anyone else has found this. not that anyone is stuipd enough to do so.


I've moved house, took my cabinet partly to bits in hope that i didnt have to dismantle the lot.
Ive 7 Synology units here plugged into an APC AP7921 PDU. All the PDU cables were tied together and i really couldnt be bothered identifiying the correct cabes.

So, Like some kind of moron i remove each IEC C14 from the PDU to find which cable went to which device.

Anyhow upon reboot, the DS101G's DS110J DS209+ CS407 booted without a problem.

Thing was, The DS410 (FW-1955) after it's boot lost most of it's configuration.
All desktop and task bar icons had vanished along with the original customised wallpaper i currently had.

Audio & Surveillance were untouched.

Anybody had anything like this?


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