Remember to RESET after upgrade!! (ds109)

A DSM update including Directory Server, LDAP Client, Remote Folder, Virtual Drive, Syslog Server, Mac OS X Lion Support, Photo Station 5, Google Cloud Print, UPnP Router Support, DSM mobile, and CalDAV server; along with other software enhancements.
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Remember to RESET after upgrade!! (ds109)

Postby gillidk » Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:33 am

I first upgradet to 3.2 Beta in july, and my devices (two macbooks and a samsung LED-tv) could not "see" my Synology (ds109)(only in the browser). In the same moment I upgradet to mac LION os, and I thougt that was the reason. I waited 1,5 month to the official 3.2 release, and the "bug" where still there.

Then I thought that I maybe should do a reset (stupid that I did not think about that earlier...).

Push the reset button on the back of your Synology and hold it until you hear 1 beep, release and push it again until you hear 3 beeps. You can now install the firmware again without loosing/formating the harddrive. Everything works perfect!!!

Regards from Norway

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