Some DS Android apps don't resolve DNS

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Some DS Android apps don't resolve DNS

Postby alephan » Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:46 pm


I own a DiskStation DS716+II and since yesterday some of the apps stopped working with domains specified as server address. It might be correlated with the last apps update.

For example, on File app, if I use the domain as server, it doesn't connect (Can't connect to the server. Please check...). If I use the IP it works fine. The same "test case" works just fine on Note app for example. As well Photo, Chat and MailPlus work fine while Get, Audio and Video are broken (File too as stated before).

Even though this is an issue which doesn't reproduce on all the apps, I checked the android device which is able to resolve DNS correctly and nmap reports open ports for the default ones used by the apps (5000/5001).

Is anybody experiencing similar behaviour?

DiskStation DS716+II is great hardware which runs a pretty buggy but beautiful software.

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