Please Make Android Mobile Apps more non touch friendly

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Please Make Android Mobile Apps more non touch friendly

Unread post by iknowtech » Thu Jul 21, 2016 5:29 pm

Please make the mobile apps for Android possible to use without a touch screen and with a remote control. With all the Android set top box devices that are available this would make a lot of sense.

I have all the DS apps installed, and some are useable, but others could use interface advancements to make them more non touch friendly. Perhaps a checkbox in the settings for disabling touch control, which provides a slightly different interface for non touch devices.

I noticed that you released a new DS Video App for specifically for Android TV Devices, but it doesn't appear to be available from the General Google Play store, that I can see. I seem to only get the DS Video Mobile App on my Android TV Box device.

Is this version of the App limited to only certain device types?


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