Question about the lastest beta firmware

An update to DSM3.1 enhancing support for AirPlay, mobile Apps, and VPN Center Package.
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Question about the lastest beta firmware

Unread post by Fl0rent » Thu Jun 02, 2011 3:38 pm


After downloading the release note of the beta I noticed two things :
— Airplay support is very nice
— VPN Center is the ultimate tools for mobile worker's

But I see two important limits :
— Airplay doesn't support video. Why ? The Synology NAS will be the best friend of our Apple TV.
— VPN Center use only the PPTP. Why ? This is the less secure VPN connexion.

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Re: Question about the lastest beta firmware

Unread post by chum » Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:52 pm

I suspect that the reason Synology hasn't added L2TP is the performance hit it would have on the NASes. IPSEC uses 3DES and this could have major impact on any NAS that can't encrypt/decrypt 3DES in hardware.

Possibly it may be fine on any of the + or xs models, but may have a severe impact on any of the standard and j models.

Imagine someone who has a NAS that turns on nearly every feature of the NAS, sure it says it can do all these wonderful things on the box, but trying to do alot of these things simultaneously is bit much to ask of the slower CPUs.

I am only speculating here.
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