DS108J upgrade warning

A launched hotfix version to address related issues(see release notes) occurred after the DSM 3.1 - 1594 upgrade.
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DS108J upgrade warning

Unread post by amarryat » Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:14 am

As noted in a different thread here, I had problems with the DS108J after the upgrade. Backing up to it from another Diskstation would fail, and after that I could no longer log in to the DS108J. It would report that my userid and password were incorrect, or that the disk was full and that a reboot was necessary.

Another issue that I noticed was when going in to the storage manager and doing a SMART test (the simple 2 minute one), it would stop at 90% and never finish.

I downgraded the firmware to 3.1-1594 and noticed that the problems didn't go away.

I have since downgraded again to 3.0-1354 (that's three point Oh), and the DS108J is now working as it should.

Let this be a warning for anyone out there with a DS108J

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