Why is the thumbnailer so dumb?

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Why is the thumbnailer so dumb?

Postby mitchelln » Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:09 am

I've just discovered that my 211+ has wasted days of CPU time creating thumbnails for all my music collection album art. That's right, it's created thumbnail files for all my tiny little 4-10K album art jpegs. Thousands of unnecessary thumbnails created. Plus there is no way to stop it on a by folder basis. If I want thumbnails for my photos, I have to just let it thumbnail everything. Ridiculous.

For a device that is so CPU bound, having it hammer away at 100% for days on a totally wasted task like this makes me very cross indeed.

Also, after upgrading to 3.2, it started to thumbnail all my photos again even though thumbnails already existed. Many more weeks of wasted CPU time!

Plus what the heck is the point of the SYNOPHOTO:THUMB_XL.jpg files and why can't I turn their creation off? Since when is a 1280x1024 file a thumbnail? This is not thumbnailing, its disk and CPU time wasting! Why why why Synology?

Issues with the thumbnail application is one of the top complaints on this forum. Why can't you just sort it out Synology? In this case it clearly needs an option to not thumbnail files below a certain size. Also an option to only thumbnail selected folders would save a lot of grief.

As it is this app is way too crude. Certainly too crude to be switched on by default.

Please sort out this fundamental problem that your paying customers have been complaining about for years.

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