Photo Station is not displaying photos

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Photo Station is not displaying photos

Unread post by zBernie » Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:40 am

I created an account for my wife, but when I login to DSM 6.16 with her account, and click the Photo Station shortcut, when in PS there is no option to upload a photo or create an album. I can see no photos, even though there are photos in /volume1/homes/karen/photo, owned by karen:PhotoStation.


If I login to the DSM as karen again, then click on the silhouette of a person shortcut at the top right of the screen (Options), then select "Personal", then click on the "Photo Station" tab in the "Personal" dialog box, then click "Launch Photo Station", I can then see her photos.

Also in DS Photo on her phone, I do not see any photos.

Any ideas?


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