DS210j + DSM3.1 blocks completely & resource monitor fails

An update to DSM3.1 providing multiple volumes on a single Raid, dual disks redundancy in SHR, shared folder synchronization, and other updates
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DS210j + DSM3.1 blocks completely & resource monitor fails

Unread post by larsalex » Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:32 am

After upgrading my DS210j to DSM3.1 I've had numerous complete blocks of the device. No network access. Nothing.
Only disconnecting power cable resulting in a looong disk check could convince the device to restart.

It may have a relation with copying or moving a large number of files at once.
Let's say about 10.000 files with some 100GB of size in total. Seem to have blocked few times while trying that.
Don't think it mattered using Samba or AFP. Seen both under OSX and win7.
Never had this behavior before.

What is odd after installing DSm3.1 as well is that the resource monitor does not open anymore. After selecting it,
icon just sits there in the top bar. Window won't open. After clicking the icon in the top bar an empty window appears.

I would like to reinstall DSM3.1 but it is not allowed (btw, the Auto Update feature fails to connect
to a server). A reset to factory is not an option because then all disks have to be formatted (!?).
Does anybody now if there is some way to force reinstalling DSM3.1?

So yeah, no idea where to go from here.
DS 916+ 8GB / DS 211 / DS 210j


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