RS411 vs. RS812 / Expansion with RX410

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RS411 vs. RS812 / Expansion with RX410

Unread post by tobias_vdp » Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:00 pm

Dear all,

i purchased a RS411 not long ago, and it seems as if i am already running out of storage capacity. As far as i´ve understood, it is not possible to connect a RX410 Unit to the RS411, to build a second Raid 5 Volume. It seems as if the RS812 basically shares the same technical specs (apart from memory, the newer model has 512mb, whereas the 411 only has 256) is it possible to upgrade / mod the RS411 to be able to connect the RX Unit to it? What would happen if i would try to connect the rx410 to the older model?

if i´d need to upgrade the unit, what would you guys suggest? get a 812 + 410? or would i be better off with a rs2211? one of my main concerns is power consumption, i would not need the speed of the 2211, but it would not be so much more expensive than the 812/410 combo.

411 53/23W

411 & 410 101/38W

812 & 410 95/29W

2211 115/49w with only 5 drives

would a more energy efficient 2211 be released in 2012?



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