WebDAV via Mac - No disk size data available

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WebDAV via Mac - No disk size data available

Unread post by ConcreteFloater » Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:33 am

Hello all!

I have recently started using WebDAV to access my NAS remotely from my Mac. I have full access to all files, I can 'see' them, access them, copy them, move them, etc, via Finder, I.E. the two-way nature of WebDAV seems initially to be working well. However, certain applications that I am using (Adobe Lightroom for example) that refer to the NAS as an 'external disk' are showing the NAS as having '0 bites of 0 bites available', and are warning that the disk is full restricting me from copying any more data to it. Why would Finder be okay but certain software can not 'see' the disk size? If I connect an external USB disk then Lightroom 'sees' both the size of the disk and how much space is available/remaining.

I have checked all of my permissions on DSM and all seem fine. As I say, all files are accessible via Finder it is just the size info that is not accessible or being 'seen' by software. Am I missing something obvious? Should this data typically be shared? Is this some odd bug in the WebDAV setup or the DiskStation? Do I need to somehow define the size of the volume on my NAS?

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!



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