CalDAV not events prior 1950 on Android mobile phone

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CalDAV not events prior 1950 on Android mobile phone

Unread post by FloSch » Sat Aug 19, 2017 4:34 pm

Dear all

I would like to synchronise calendars including birthday events with my PC and the Android mobile phone. WebDAV Server is installed and running on the DiskStation. Synchronisation with the PC via Thunderbird/Lightning works fine. Synchronisation with the Android mobile phone via DAVdroid works in general, however, events prior year 1950 don't show up on the mobile phone after synchronisation:
  1. create an event on the mobile phone on 19 August 1949, say, but don't synchronise yet
  2. the event initially shows up on the mobile phone correctly
  3. now manually synchronise with the DiskStation
  4. the event pops up in Thunderbird/Lightning correctly but is now missing on the mobile phone
  5. changing the year of the date to anything above 1949, say, 19 August 1950, the event now shows up correctly in both, Thunderbird/Lightning and the mobile phone
Additional observations:
  • it doesn't matter if it's a single or recurring event
  • year can be anything below 1950, the limit is somewhere between 19 August 1949 and 19 August 1950
  • if the event is initially created on the PC with a date 19 August 1949 or below, it doesn't show up on the mobile phone in the first place
  • seems not to be a general Android bug since creating such events in the internal calendar of the mobile phone, they show up correctly for just any date
  • most likely also no DAVdroid or general WebDAV problem as it worked with DAVdroid and Baikal a couple of years ago
One of the main purposes for such events to me is birthdays and their reminders. So it's quite annoying if they don't show up and I don't get reminded. As a workaround I tried CardDAV and adding the birthday as event to the particular contact. However, Synology CardDAV (or CardDAV in general?) doesn't seem to support events, hence, no birthday information using CardDAV either. Sigh...

Are there any solutions/workarounds to this? Any help is much appreciated.



Seems like the recent version of DAVdroid is the problem. Tried aCalDAV instead, and events prior 1950 now show up in the calendar. However, aCalDAV has a bug with newly created recurring events, deleting the DTSTART field of the event ICS file. Therefore the event is not rendered in other clients. It is so, so, so annoying that no solution to such a simple task works just out of the box! Yet, seems not the fault of Synology.

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