Can't "open" files from Windows 10 using WebDAV

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Can't "open" files from Windows 10 using WebDAV

Unread post by sbug206 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:24 am

I've managed to map a network drive into Windows Explorer (Windows 10) with my DS116 using WebDAV. I'm trying to access
it outside my home network. I can see the NAS and do basic file operations but if I try to double click and open the files then I get "File not Found" errors.
If it's a movie file and I launch the media player manually and browse to the NAS, no files are shown, just folders. After doing some research it seems
to be a permission problem with windows but the suggested Registry hack no longer works after a certain update. Is there another way besides WebDAV?
I simply want to browse files and access the NAS like on my home network but not at home. I can do this fine with the android app DS FILE but I want
something similar for a PC laptop.

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Re: Can't "open" files from Windows 10 using WebDAV

Unread post by WST16 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:37 pm

I don’t think it’s your fault configuration wise. I'm experiencing the same behavior on my iOS devices, just noticed it today.
When I browse some folders they come up empty! Only some of them not all.

Looks like a bug.
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