WebDav Not visible Locally and over the Internet

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I'm New!
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WebDav Not visible Locally and over the Internet

Postby benny.W » Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:00 pm

Hello every one, new to the use of the WebDav tools I come here to seeking help after now many hours of trying and failing at doing this myself.

Let me explain the situation:

I have 2 offices to connect to the same Synology station the first office the synology is connected by lan and I can access the files no problem in the window explorer with //Servername/Folder
Ideally I want to grant access to the second office in a similar fashion, the people there have to be able to use a simple file explorer to access and use the files.

To do so I tried setting up a WebDAV but this so far has failed me... Here is what I have done so far.

1/ setting up Diskstation
2/ setting up quickconnect
3/setting up EZ-internet, my router not being able to do the auto port forwarding I manually forwarded the ports 5005 and 5006 on both my diskstation and router
4/ installing WebDAV server and activating it...

Not if i understand well I should be able to connect to my WebDav server by using either http://servername.synology.me:5005 or http://ipadress:5005 locally and through the internet, yet neither of them seem to work.
I am however to access my synology disk manager with my IP and dns using the port 5000 so i deduce that my port forwarding does work properly.

I have been trying to solve the issue now for 2 days and am running out of ideas. ¨

note: when entering the ip or DNS on a web browser the result I get is: This site can not be reached.

I really hope one of you has a solution for me, thank you very much for reading and helping!
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Re: WebDav Not visible Locally and over the Internet

Postby WST16 » Sat Sep 16, 2017 5:09 pm


Did you give the user permission to use WebDAV?
Go Control panel> user

Troubleshoot inside access first (LAN), once this works start troubleshooting outside access.
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