A special delivered patch (DSM3.0-1340) for certain models

An update of DSM 3.0 operating system, including enhanced iPhone and Android phone support, Windows ACL integration, comprehensive iSCSI support, extended volume size capability, Surveillance Station, and a new feature of Time Backup application.
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A special delivered patch (DSM3.0-1340) for certain models

Unread post by antoiney » Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:05 pm

Greetings all,

I’m writing this message to inform everyone reviews this post that the technicians found a potential data inaccuracy issue on DSM 3.0. You may also check the latest Release Note for certain Synology models in Download Center.

If any of users had once added/modified file(s) to the encrypted shared folder(s) after upgrading to DSM 3.0 Beta (DSM 3.0-1285) includes the onward versions, would’ve a chance of the file(s) become inaccurate after encryption.

This issue has already fixed by the new DSM version 3.0-1340. We strongly encourage you to download the latest released patch, and upgrade your DiskStation immediately as a precaution against the future data accuracy.

Synology technicians have also prepared a Check Tool to filter a list of all the potential affected file(s) to be updated in case of any other inaccuracy persistent file(s) after upgrading the DiskStation firmware.

NOTE: Affected Models – DS410, DS210+, DS110+ only.
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