Encrypted backup on USB-disk (DS1010+)

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Encrypted backup on USB-disk (DS1010+)

Postby rolli » Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:09 pm

I have a DS1010+ and got stuck trying to solve the following issues:

There is about 40GB of important data which has to be stored once every night at a given time onto an external device (e.g.USB-disks).
But I have the following requirements:
- The handling for the user must be as simple as possible: There should be a result file in a public folder or some other success note to check quickly whether the transfer has been successful or not.
- easy disconnect of the external disk, preferably without having to manually “log it off/eject” before unplugging
- The normal user should not have to use ssh or telnet.
- The data must be encrypted on the external drives, for there will be more than 10 external drives used in a rotation scheme and taken home (as an external “backup”, and could be lost on the way home)
- It should be possible to encrypt/read the disk on a Windows system (with the correct password, of course). Best way would be to see the encrypted drive as normal external drive in Windows Explorer.
- Reasonable performance, if possible (40GB in about 1h)
- The whole setup should be as simple as possible to understand and reproduce, for the inevitable crash will occur sooner or later

My attempt so far:
I tried to use truecrypt, since it is available for windows and linux (as command line version). It should be possible to mount encrypted partitions on Windows and Linux. I got stuck installing the required libraries on the DS1010+ (after installing libfuse.so.2, I got: truecrypt: /lib/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.4' not found (required by truecrypt)).

To store the data, I could use a script, mainly containing a cp command, generating some comment, and dismount the USB-disk (how?)

The script would be started by cron.

Tanks! Rolli

I’ve tried the backup utility of the DS Manager 2.3. However, I think it is not very useful since it’s pretty restrictive and does not allow transferring the same data to different places (eg. internal disk and USB-disk)

I intentionally avoided the word backup, archiving, copying.

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