Backup of single directory to USB drive

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Mike Rubin
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Backup of single directory to USB drive

Unread post by Mike Rubin » Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:26 pm

I have a DS-216+ to which I have attached a WD duo drive for backup purposes. The USB drive is accessible and shows as a share on my home network.

I have mapped a single folder on the NAS and a folder on the USB drive to my Windows 10 PC. The contents of both are visible to Windows Explorer and my preferred file manager application on the computer.

The mapped folder is the only one that I care about backing up. It includes about 3tb of media files.

Until this week, I mirrored the NAS folder to the corresponding USB drive folder using a Windows backup application, Freefilesync. As I wished, when it copied over files from the source to the destination, it carried over the original file's time/date stamp. That enabled Freefilesync to do incremental backups using the timw/date stamp to determine whether to retain or overwrite the destination file.

Unfortunately, Freefilesync now is copying files over but updating the time/date stamp at destination to the date copied over. As a result, the destination files all are susceptible to being overwritten as more recent and thus not identical to the source. Because the overwritten file always has the copy date, it will now be overwritten with every backup instance.

I routinely would backup the folder every time i added or changed a few files. It used to take minutes. Now it takes hours because of the massive number of "more recent" files that need to be replaced again with the original "earlier" files.

I have been trying other Windows backup applications and copy functions in Windows Explorer and my other file manager, but, now, they all update the time/date stamp even when I tell them not to do so. (The one exception is the crippleware version of an application that seems expensive to me, but at least it proves that it still is possible to copy a few files and retain the dates if I pay enough.) One weird behavior is that the copied files, immediately after copying, bear the original date, but, when each of the many subfolders has finished copying, the time/date stamp updates to the time at which the file copied.

I now am thinking that I might need to go about this a different way. I have looked at the backup applications in the Package Center and have Hyper Backup enabled, but it isn't clear to me which will backup single folders, mirror from source to destination, and save time/date stamps from the original files.

Any thoughts on simple backup packages for installation on the NAS or suggestions of how to back up from the NAS folder to a corresponding folder on the USB drive attached to it with retained time/date stamps? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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