Rsync after an hardware failure

Discuss backup and restore functions of the DiskStation with respect other DiskStations, USB/eSATA, network backup, or other rsync clients.
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Rsync after an hardware failure

Unread post by filippo.digiovanni » Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:31 pm

Hi everyone,
my NAS last week had an hardware problem and it has been replaced by Synology.
Now, that NAS (A) was part of a RSYNC task to another Synology NAS (B) . This last one (B) was backed up one nas offsite (C) every night.

A (replaced) -> Rsync -> B (Backup) -> Hyper Backup -> C (offsite)

I have 15 TB of datas, so it's not easy to restore everything. Is there a way to copy datas from B to A and then change the direction of the rsync without need to copy all datas again from scratch? And maybe not copy all againt to the offsite starting the backup from scratch?


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