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Discuss backup and restore functions of the DiskStation with respect other DiskStations, USB/eSATA, network backup, or other rsync clients.
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NAS backup

Unread post by simply_user » Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:08 am

Hi,I've got syno DS215 2x 4TB HDD no raid.
1st hdd contains 1 single volume Multimedia - movies mostly, only,no changes in files,so no need for back up.
2nd hdd contains 3 separate volumes .Largest about 2.7 TB I use for daily work,pictures,itunes library, imovies,books,downloads etc etc.
Another two volume about 0.5Tb is for kids,same purpose and 0.2 Tb is for my important documents,business stuff etc.
Nas has 2 usd ports:
USB 3 is used for external hdd as another multimedia disc ( no need for back up) and
USB 2 is used for back up external HDD.
My question is,what would by the most efficient way to back up my 3 volumes on 2nd NAS hdd on case of hdd failure.I don't care about fire,theft,flooding etc etc.
Is there any way to have some kind of mirror back up and when I made change on files(add,remove,edit) on NAS hdd,change will be made on back up hdd every time,I run back up.I don't need more version of back up files. I prefer some folder structure a size on back up disc as on main hdd.

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