CygWin Backup

Discuss backup and restore functions of the DiskStation with respect to computer clients, such as Synology Data Replicator, Time Machine, or other client backup software.
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CygWin Backup

Postby DavidK » Wed Jun 09, 2010 3:38 am

I installed RSync Server on a Windows XP box. Went very easy. Set up the DS508 for network backup and scheduled the backup - also very easy. The backups run and the NAS files are copied over to the XP box. SO FAR SO GOOD. Everything works perfectly to this point.

On the XP box, I can see the directory tree of all of the files copied from the NAS.

On the XP box, I tried to access one of the files copied to the XP box from the NAS by RSync Server. I keep getting "Access Not Allowed". No matter what I do, I can not access any of the files Rsynced from the NAS to the XP box. I tried stopping the RSync Server service and then access the file and still no luck.

Any one have any idea of what is wrong?

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