Cloud Station Backup - Not backing up all folders/files

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Cloud Station Backup - Not backing up all folders/files

Unread post by goobers » Mon Jan 16, 2017 1:16 am

I've been using Cloud Station Backup since it was released and I just noticed that it's not backing up ALL of my folders/files that are deep into subdirectories. It will back everything up to a certain point in the subdirectories, but then it will backup the parent folder and then skip all the files within that folder. I don't see any errors in my logs, so I'm curious as to what could be causing this.

If I can't find a solution for Cloud Station Backup, does anyone have any alternative suggestions to backup my home computer to my Synology?

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Re: Cloud Station Backup - Not backing up all folders/files

Unread post by german_user » Mon Jan 16, 2017 2:13 pm

Are you trying to backup folder/files that are on the CloudStation excluded list? The list of unsupported types is in the help file client of the client software. They exclude many system file and folders as well as some special characters, temp data and things like PST files-

You can use just about any backup tool you like if the PC and Synology are on the same internal LAN - windows backup, time machine, acronis, etc..

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Re: Cloud Station Backup - Not backing up all folders/files

Unread post by Thordal » Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:06 am

I have the exact same problem. Some files in my Documents folder are not backed up, and even when adding files into those folder, they are not backed up - the files are pdfs, so should not be excluded from backup in anyway.

I even cleared everything on both the NAS and on PC - including reinstalling Apps on both - but the same problems occur again, leading me to think that it has something to do with how Cloud Station scans the folders for changes.

Clearly, from this experience Cloud Station Backup cannot be trusted. I just noticed this fault in one folder, but upon checking "properties" of said folder, it appears Cloud Station Backup fails to back up 500 files out of a total of 37.000. And, no, they are not temps., thumbs, desktop.ini files and the like. They are real files.

Synology - how is this even possible?!

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