WD10EARS not detected on DS211j

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WD10EARS not detected on DS211j

Unread post by chouf » Thu Feb 03, 2011 12:01 am

Hi all,

I've just got my new DS211j and the two WD10EARS (WD Caviar Green) ordered with it.
I ran into big problem installing the NAS; the setup wouldn't format the HDD.
After the first failed attempt (where it did try to format), the error message changed and I now have "cannot detect hard drive".

I've then insert an old 80Gb SATA drive I had and was able to install the DS just fine.
I've plugged one WD10EARS in the second slot, rebooted the DS and the WD10EARS doesn't even appear in the list of available HDD.

I've been searching on these forums for the last 20 minutes and did not find any solution; but found a few posts about problems with the WD Caviar Greens; unfortunately, no real solution.
According to this page, the WD10EARS is compatible with the DS211j

Instuctions are:
To use this hard drive, we suggest that you reinstall the system with DSM 2.2-0965 or onward first, then reformat the HDD to adopt the WD Advanced Format Technology.
Before installing this hard drive on DS107, DS107e, DS108j, and DS109j, upgrade DSM to 2.2-0942 version and onward with 1TB or smaller capacity hard drive.
But even now that I have the DSM 3.0-1354 installed none of my WD10EARS can be detected. It would be a weird coincidence both disks would be DoA; so ....

- What's the deal with the WD10EARS ?
- Is there a solution ? (should I "format" them via my W7 machine? - if yes in which format and with which utility)
- Should I exchange them for another model 100% compatibility with the DS211j? If yes, which model (I'm looking at 2 x 1To) (I can get my money back for the next 2 weeks)

Thanks in advance for your help


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Re: WD10EARS not detected on DS211j

Unread post by chouf » Thu Feb 03, 2011 4:43 pm

I've just installed the 2 WD in my PC and I wasn't able to boot anymore.
I got a message straight at the POST - "hard drive error"
So I suppose they are really DoA and I will ship them back for an exchange.
I think I'll get 2 Samsung SpinPoint F3 - HD103SJ - 1 To 7200 RPM 32 Mo Serial ATA II (bulk), which are marked as compatible with the DS211j.
Is this a good choice?


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