Finally ditched my WD15xxx drives

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Finally ditched my WD15xxx drives

Unread post by RandyV » Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:17 am

Here's an honest tip for anyone using WD15xxx "green" drives in your NAS: get rid of them.

I don't say that to bash WD -- I love WD drives, but in this case, it's the wrong product for a NAS.

I've been using 3x1.5 TB WD Greens in RAID5 since I got my DS409+ about a year an half ago. I honestly didn't think I had any issues until I started looking at my throughput more closely. My DS just wasn't pushing data the way I though it should and streaming anything was really erratic (which the DS Assistant Resource Monitor confirmed). After ruling out my network cabling and equipment, I decided to bite the bullet and replace the WDs drives with Hitachi HDS722020ALA330 2 TBs.

What a difference.

The performance of my DS409+ with the Hitachi's is significantly faster -- roughly 3 times faster. With the WD greens, I maybe got 10 - 12 MB/sec writes -- which were in spikes -- over gig ethernet. I would bet it averaged out closer to 7-8 MB/sec. With the Hitachi's installed, my DS now easily sustains 34-38 MB/sec write throughput. It's amazingly faster. Videos that used to stop and studder when I tried to watch them now play without any issue, basic read/write operations are much improved and the DS is more responsive.

The Hitachi's are noisier, but I can take the trade off given the huge performance improvement.

I assume most people here, like me, initially chose the greens because of the capacity and price point. However, in the end, that choice ended up costing me a lot of raw performance out of my DS.

Replacing your drives may not be the most cost-effective thing to do, but you spent a lot of money on your DS. Using the green drives is ultimately costing you performance that the Syno can deliver. At least it did in my case.

Randy V
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I'm New!
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Re: Finally ditched my WD15xxx drives

Unread post by campuscop2003 » Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:39 pm

I too ditched my green drive and replaced it with the caviar black. Man what a difference in speed. The DS110j was so slow that i thought if ditching it after only several months. After reading about the load cycle issues and saw mine was over 275,000 I switched. I now know it was the green drive. I still can't believe what difference it made.


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