WD10EADS-00P8B0 in DS209

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WD10EADS-00P8B0 in DS209

Unread post by sanderg » Fri Jun 04, 2010 8:05 am

So I purchased a WD10EADS disc to complement an already existing WD10EACS in my new DS209.

After purchase (and installation) it appeared to be a WD10EADS-00P8B0.

I have been trying to get an answer from Synology as to whether the mentioned performance issues with this drive have been fixed in the latest firmware, but haven't received an answer yet. The supplier offers me a RMA with cashback, which I really appreciate, but obviously I wouldn't want to completely exchange my drives if it's not needed.

So I wonder:

- Is the WD10EADS-00P8B0 working correctly in the latest firmware (slightly higher than 2.3.1157);
- When I exchange the drive for a Samsung HD154UI and choose Repair, will it create a partition on it that starts on sector 256? The current ones start at 63. On a similar DS209 with 2x HD154UI, the start sector is 256. I would then plan to exchange both drives but of course wouldn't want to start over with moving data.

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Re: WD10EADS-00P8B0 in DS209

Unread post by maxxfi » Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:21 pm

sanderg wrote: - Is the WD10EADS-00P8B0 working correctly in the latest firmware (slightly higher than 2.3.1157);
If there is an issue with a specific model/batch of drive it is probably not going to be solved by
a new Synology firmware, but you would need a new harddisk firmware.
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