00P8B0 is what you'll get (in UK)

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00P8B0 is what you'll get (in UK)

Unread post by cocjh1 » Fri Nov 27, 2009 6:20 pm

Wanted two WD15EADS drives for my, very empty, DS209 still sitting in its cardboard box! Read all about the issues of 00P8B0 and so questioned three retailers before placing an order to try and determine their stocks revision number.

None could give me any details on revision number, and all just said their stock was the latest revision. So look my chances and ordered two units from Scan; and today 00P8B0 arrived. Great!

So my suggestion here is that if you order in the uk you'll get 00P8B0 revisions, not the tried and tested 00R6B0.

I'd also suggest the inability to specify revision numbers at order time rules out the option to use WD in Synology products for anything over 750GB (WD7500AACS is last drive before WD2002FYPS without revision number requirement), which is a shame..
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Re: 00P8B0 is what you'll get (in UK)

Unread post by battleangel » Wed Dec 02, 2009 6:20 am

I'm pretty disappointed as well. And I have not even gotten around to buying either a NAS or hard drives yet.

The crappiest thing I guess is that 00P8B0 supposedly uses 500 GB platters. Which is fantastic. There supposedly also exists a 00M2B0 with the same platter design. But the older 00L5B1 only has 333 GB platters from what I've read. Rumor also has it that newer revisions don't support TLER modification. Ugh. I don't know who to blame here. There are a lot of reports on this drive, but most of them seem related to NAS and RAID.

With both WD10EADS and Samsung F2 1TB being out of the race there soon wont be any viable, cheap "green" drive options for Synology. At least not at 1 TB. I'm currently gonna look closer at Seagate Barracuda LP (which was also in the Tomshardware comparison). Both the F2 and LP have two 500GB platter designs for their 1TB drives.

From my point of view the best thing would be if Synology somehow managed to fix hibernation with certain Samsung drives. As I've said before in my ramblings on this forum, I'm reluctant to move beyond 1TB (2 platter) because of noise and power consumption.
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