FTP Server Slow download speed DS411J..

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FTP Server Slow download speed DS411J..

Postby tonyhny » Mon Aug 22, 2011 4:16 am

I am very stumped on this one on my DS411J...On the intranet, it is very fast when I tranfer files in between (almost 10MB/S) using FileZilla. I think that's pretty close to the Wireless N speeds that I have on my router (E54200). The Firmware is updated to the latest beta version.

Now when I use my 4G hotspot to FTP into my server, I only get 30-50 kb/s. My friend in another county is getting around 40kb/s. I dont know where the bottle neck is. I've opened all the FTP ports as suggested in the manual. My ISP has an upload speed of around 300kb/s. I would be very happy if it breaks 100 and not lag around 40kb/s. I didn't set any FTP limitation either.. so I am very clueless on what I should check next. Please help...

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