Mapped drive Webdav VERY SLOW thumbnail display

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Mapped drive Webdav VERY SLOW thumbnail display

Unread post by zvit » Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:24 am

I am testing out mapping a drive remotely to my DS1515PLUS.

I mapped a drive on someone's computer to a folder on my NAS called ASSETS that has many png, psd and jpg files for them to browse through. Problem is that when they display thumbnails, the time it takes to display the thumbnails is about the time it would take them to actually download the file! Display thumbnails should only be a fraction of the file size and to my understanding, should be the only thing downloading to their local cache.

First, let's be clear about the caps\limitations: My Internet upload speed is 5Mbps.

Here's the report I got from them when trying to see a thumbnail for a 21MB file on the NAS:

"for file<1MB, it takes a few seconds load, for file>20MB it takes around 35 sec...
5Mb/s * 35s / 8b/B = 5Mb/s * 35s * (1/8)B/b = 21.875MB"

So like I said, it's taking the amount of time to display a thumbnail - like it would take to download the file.

I must figure out how to solve this issue.
So yes, I understand that browsing a NAS mapped folder will not be like browsing a local hard drive but still...
I need my designers to be able to comfortably browse the folder of assets and see what they need to download and I don't see why they can't. When you browse the Internet, the cached images are displayed in seconds - even though it's coming from servers abroad. So why can't my NAS be like one of those servers?

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